Recently I found myself needing to deploy an on premise dotnet core API to IIS.

Deploying on cloud services like Azure App Service — setting CORS is as simple as going to your portal settings and enabling the specific domains — or in most cases adding * to allow All.

It was a rude shock to me after I deployed the API on-premise and the frontend SPAs couldn’t access it due to CORS wahala (yeah — Nigerian speak for trouble).

After about 2 days of battling with this, this is how I solved it.

1. I made the following modifications…

When on a new job take time to integrate into the team before showing every one how brilliant you are

So you've landed that dream job. You are just beginning to settle in and almost immediately the genius in you is seeking publicity.

This happens to almost of us, especially those of us that considers ourselves “smart and talented”.

In my experience comprising of about 3 jobs in a relatively short period of about 5 years, I've had to struggle to keep the genius inside from getting me into trouble.

All too often I've ended up making more foes(and envies) than friends and confidant because i mistakenly thought everyone on the team wanted the same thing: achieve the goal( irrespective…

Oliver Johnson

Software Engineer with a bias for open and standards based system.I think,build and think again.I’m always trying, never afraid to fail.@oliverdejohnson

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